The Smart Stepmom

The Smart Stepmom: Practical Steps to Help You Thrive

Today’s stepmom often doesn’t know where to turn for help. Let stepfamily expert Ron Deal and experienced stepmom Laura Petherbridge show you how to survive and thrive as a stepmom, including

  • How to be a positive influence on children who are torn between loyalty to their biological mom and to you
  • What to do when you feel ostracized, rejected, or lonely.
  • When and how to step back during conflict and let your husband take the lead.
  • How to handle holidays, adult stepchildren, between-home communication, and much more.

Here is the hope, encouragement, and practical information that you need for the stepmom journey.

What others are saying:

The Smart Stepmom is excellent!! As a stepmom myself, I’m thrilled to find a solid resource that tackles the complex and multifaceted issues associated with being a stepmom. With compassion, wisdom, and practical advice Ron Deal and Laura Petherbridge provide what today’s stepmom needs for stepfamily success.
Kim Alexis
Supermodel, Speaker, and Author

Finally a resource that is realistic and practical for stepmoms. I highly recommend this book.
Dr. Gary D. Chapman
Author, The Five Love Languages